CNC Press Brake
Our hydraulic brake press accurately forms metal into any specifications.
Press Brake Metal Forming
JL Squared Inc. provides a wide range of press brake and metal forming services in Indianapolis, Indiana for all industries and organizations. Our innovative CNC equipped hydraulic press brake machine, combined with our expert press brake operators who have more than 15 years of hands-on experience, allow our company to deliver the highest standards of excellence in metal fabrication and bending.

Not only are press brake services among the most accurate methods of bending metal in the metal fabrication industry, they are also one of the fastest. From cones and brackets, to construction equipment, cabinetry, counter tops, pressure vessels, custom parts, and even industrial prototypes, our manual and hydraulic press brake operations can form and bend metal into an infinite array of shapes, sizes, and angles.

In addition to press brake and metal forming, JL Squared Inc. offers comprehensive metal fabrication services and products, including Indiana Oxygen Gases and welding supplies, as well as, raw materials, and much more. Contact our office at 317-783-3340 during regular business hours to request a free estimate. Or you may email us directly from our website, anytime.




Flat Bar

Grip Strut


Sheet Pate

Tread Plate




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