Water Jet Technology
High-pressure water cutting precision in any shape, size, or quantity.
Water Jet Cutting
Water jet technology has expanded the world of opportunities in the metal fabrication industry by providing power, speed, and versatility. Here at JL Squared Inc., we retain the most advanced water jet cutting equipment, as well as, a team of expert metal fabrication specialists, to deliver the precision metal fabrication you need without the involvement of heat, heat distortion, or mechanical stresses.

Our innovative, ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machines can produce any metal parts in any shape, size, or dimension. Through the combination of ultra-high pressured water and an organic abrasive substance, our technologies can render metal parts in any specifications, and even cut through granite, composites, and steel anywhere between 1 millimeter and 200 millimeters!

Best of all, we offer a wide range of metal fabrication services and raw materials, in addition to water cutting. We are also an Authorized Distributor of Indiana Oxygen Gases and welding supplies. Call us at 317-783-3340 to request a free estimate for water cutting and metal fabrication. You may also email us via our website, anytime. We look forward to assisting you with all your metal fabrication and supply needs!




Flat Bar

Grip Strut


Sheet Pate

Tread Plate



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